Welcome to ProADs, an Advertisement platform which gives you an opportunity to learn and earn while promoting......Our main objective is to make every single member of ProADs get back value of time spent daily on this platform.

How ProAds Works


ProAds is an online advert /promotion platform which gives you an opportunity to make steady income and also make your business/brand go viral by being a member of ProADs.

Who can be a member of ProADs?
Basically, anyone can be a member of ProADs, in as much you have your Smartphone to perform Simple daily task(s) on the platform.


Registration is very easy, Follow the steps below to get Started.
(1) On ProADs website, click on “Buy COUPON CODE

(2) Contact one of the Coupon vendor to get your Coupon.

(3) Click on the “REGISTER” button to fill the registration form.

(4) Copy and paste the code in the column required and submit once you’re done.

(5) Then login with appropriate email/username and password

Registration fee: 1500
Registration bonus; 800
Daily login: 100
Performing of daily task(s) ; 200
Referral bonus : 1000 (100% optional).


1.Clear your browsing history/cache
2.Contact any of the code distributors on the site to get registration code
3. Go to your dashboard/profile, copy your referral link
4. Logout and paste it in your browser, once it’s loaded
5. Input the details of your prospect correctly.
6. Copy and paste the code gotten from the vendor(don’t type the code)
7. Fill in other details and click on register.
8. Check your dashboard to check your balance.

Happy Earning

Can I get paid without Referral ?

Yes, on ProADs you earn with or without referral, Our main objective is to make member of ProAds get back value of time spent on website.

ProADs Amazing Features;
* As a member of ProADS, you are eligible to promote your brand/ business with your daily task without additional charges.

* Opportunity to meet experts in your field of career/business), to gain experiences and skillsfor growth.
Careers like;👉 Graphics Design, Advanced website development, Advanced mini importation, Crypto/Forex Trading…….

* Weekly bonus to active members:
As an active member on ProADs, you are eligible to weekly bonuses based on your performance on the platform for the week.

DAYS OF WITHDRAWAL (Directly to your Bank Account)

Referral Earners; Those with referral can withdraw any time and day with a minimum of 1000
As a Kind gesture for growth, you earn for every person you bring to the platform.

Non-referral: Those without referral can apply for withdrawal of their daily task earnings once a month (i.e 20th of every month) Sequel to our main objective is to make every member of ProADs get back value of time spent daily on the platform.

NOTE: The minimum points required for non-referral earners (those that do not wish to refer / cannot refer) is 5000 activity points.

* Conversion of points to naira is by multiplying 40% of amount deducted from your user dashboard.
For example; 10,000points was deducted from Mr. A’s account. It will be converted to #4000 (transaction fee exclusive)