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Modalities on how applications by the non affiliate earners on the 20th of April 2021 will be carried out

It is with great joy and happiness that we want to announce to you all that our non affiliate earners (those without Referral/don’t wish to refer) can finally apply on the 10th of April 2021 and get paid their earnings


The following should be take note

1. Affiliate earners(users with Referrals )on their dashboard would not be qualified for payment as this withdrawal is for the non affiliate earners alone….the affiliate earners can always apply anytime anyday and get paid instantly


2. Non affiliate earners that have gotten to 5,000 points are qualified to apply and get paid instantly

3. Your social media link should be filled with your Facebook link

4. As we all know, the minimum requirement is 5000 activity points, you can only apply for 10000 activity points at a go

The withdrawal will be made available from 9am-10:00am on the 20th of April

Do well to apply and get paid instantly.

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